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Greetings! I am an impassioned graphic designer based in Toronto, with a rich background of living and working in vibrant cities like Seoul and Vancouver.

My ultimate goal is to become a creative director who brings life to various content in different parts of the world. Witnessing the transformative power of creative works, transcending language barriers, cultural divides, and generational g

aps, has been an extraordinary journey. My focus as a designer lies in capturing the essential emotions and core messages embedded within the content I have the privilege to work on. I believe that delivering these elements with precise design strategies is not only my responsibility but my true calling.

#ambitious #passionate #teamworker #optimistic #musiclover #work_under_pressure #problem_solving #artist #painter

[Language skills]

[Skills & Knowledge]
Proficiency in...




Adobe XD/Zeplin/Figma
Currently enrolled in Google UX certificate program

Word/Powerpoint/Google Doc/Google Slides


Good Working Knowledge in...

Premiere / After Effects
Basic manipulation of videos for different platforms, experiences in motion graphics/ kinetic typography.

Currently enrolled in Google UX certificate program

Good understanding



OCAD University 🎓🎓
BDES Graphic Design
Minor Business and Social Innovation
Overall GPA: A


Public Good Design (2021-Ongoing)
Full time Designer

Main area of work included:
  • Report design both for print and interactive
  • AODA Compliant design
  • Microsite design
  • Web/Marketing asset for Social Media
  • Brand design
  • Presentation design
  • Simple illustrations
  • and more.

Kimberfire (2021-Ongoing)
Contract Designer
  • Marketing asset design including brochure, voucher and advertisement on programme, magazine, etc.

Constantine Yorkville Run Designer (2021-Ongoing)
Contract Designer
  • Overall Website design + development using Squarespace;
  • Website maintenance
  • Marathon Merch design (T-shirt, Pamphlet, etc.)

Part Time Freelancer (2018-2023)
Freelance design works done for:
  1. Lomofy - Branding, packaging
  2. Canine Crates - Editorial
  3. Daon - Branding, UIUX
  4. LabSpinner - Brand assets
  5. Pet Story (Ongoing) - Branding, UIUX

Pigeon Row Internship (2019) - Toronto, ON
Graphic Design Intern

  • Supported social media management and strategy of broadcasting programs (Kim’s Convenience, Letter Kenny, and more) by producing videos for uploads;
  • Produced animated cards for livestreaming of the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards;

Raonsecure Internship (2018) - Seoul, Korea
In-house Design Intern

  • Corporate design: email marketing content, press release images for their products, product catalogue, corporate stickers, powerpoint templates, etc.;
  • Developed opening video for the annual management report event using Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Attended by the entire people in the company.

Welcome Tea Event for Refugees and Newcomers (2016) - Vancouver, BC
Creative Director
  • Hosted/directed a welcome tea in a team of five for new immigrant and refugee families in local cities. Attended by nearly 200 guests.
  • Established the procedures and delegated specific tasks for this now annual event.
  • Primarily responsible for art direction and experience management.
  • Organized guest/volunteer list as well as other entertainment aspects for the event.

Lynn’s Class (2016 - 2017) - Vancouver, BC
Assistant teacher
  • Taught students varing in age from grade 1 to grade 11 at an art studio. Mainly focused on drawing and painting using various medium.
  • Different plans to adhere to each week established by the teacher, responsible for adhering and catering to each student.

Serok Selina Park