Group project (Thesis)


Sept 2020 – Jan 2021

Project Type

Art Direction, Editorial Design, Product Design, UI/UX, Branding

Participated Team Members:
Serok Park
UX research, Art Direction, Editorial Design, Branding, Web design
Kai Gaspard
Mascot design, UX research
Hanting Wang
3d Exhibition design, UX research

Project Description

In contemporary society, success is commonly perceived as the tangible achievement of wealth or status. However, it is important to acknowledge that there is no universal definition of success, as each person holds a unique perspective on what constitutes prosperity. A notable challenge faced by individuals in their mid-20s to early 30s is the Quarter Life Crisis, which involves experiencing anxiety regarding the direction and quality of one's life. According to research conducted by LinkedIn, this crisis is currently experienced by 75% of individuals within this age range.

Redefine is an organization that aims to challenge the conventional concept of success and provide guidance to individuals as they embark on their personal goals. Our primary objective is to help our users comprehend that success is subjective and can manifest differently for each person. By encouraging individuals to define success in their own terms and reflecting on their own values, they are empowered to focus on their aspirations and objectives, ultimately resuming their journey towards success.


Marketing Posters

User Analysis

Verbal Voice

Through extensive research on the quarter-life crisis experienced by young adults, we seek to redefine success as a personal journey of self-discovery. We believe that success begins with setting meaningful goals aligned with one's core values, which serve as a guiding force throughout life.

By identifying and pursuing these values, individuals open the path to their own version of success. To assist our audience in this process, we have categorized a list of values and narrowed it down to seven: Accomplishment, Relationship, Prestige, Wealth, Health, Kindness, and Passion.

These values serve as a starting point for self-reflection. Based on three of these values, we have developed impactful headlines and lead copies for our integrated marketing communication strategy.

Visual Voice


Brand Book



Exhibition Brochure + Merch Sticker

Brief overview of the Brand book

Serok Selina Park