Report Designs

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Delivered by:
Public Good Design

Graphic Designer

2020 - 2022

Project Type
Editorial Design, Interactive pdf, AODA, Accessibility
While working as a graphic designer at Public Good Design, I have created a number of reports for Public Good’s clients like: Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Oceana Canada, CCRM, College of Kinesiologists, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, College of  Audiologists and Speed-Language Pathologists of Ontario, etc..

The majority of them required their reports to be either interactive, or AODA compliant.
Please note that only a selection of reports are presented below.

Click on the cover to view the reports. 

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

2021 Activity Report︎︎︎
2022 Activity Report︎︎︎

Oceana Canada

2021 Fishery Audit ︎︎︎


2021 Annual Report ︎︎︎


2021 Annual Report ︎︎︎


2021 Annual Report ︎︎︎

2022 Annual Report ︎︎︎

Serok Selina Park